Monday, February 7, 2011

Haizley is a growin'

The flash always freaks her out. Her eyes look like that in a lot of the pictures...I can't believe it! She is getting so stinking big. She will be 5 months tomorrow. It is flying by so fast.

Compaq Crashed so...Catch up!

So my compact laptop turned on for it's last time and then we couldn't get it turn back on again. So here is a quick catch up. This pic below is Adilyn in her Indian outfit she made at school. She looks so dang cute!
Here are a few catch up pics from Christmas.

Christmas morning checking out what Santa left after munching
on some yummy cookies! Santa is messy...
For some reason we had to coax them
down the stairs to their presents...still waking up, I guess.

But soon they jumped right in and we started opening presents!
Here is Adi...just opened a pretty dress from Grandma Beth....and a glamorous purse to go with her dress! Kohen was happy with his cars watch, candy and one of his favorite movies, Despicable Me.

Christmas was awesome! The kids got spoiled like usual. Santa brought them a Kinect for the xbox and games to go with it. Great job all the Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles! Everyone loved all the presents! I got an extra surprise from my hubby. I really wanted an amazon kindle but new i wasn't going to get one...but Jeff was awesome and won one for me from work. I was super surprised. Big thanks everyone... We are so grateful and love you all!

Here is a video of Adi playing the xbox kinect. Her favorite game kinectimals.