Tuesday, August 31, 2010

big kids all around...

There are big kids all around our house. Adi just started kindergarten yesterday and loves her teacher Mrs. Gray. She is making friends already and told me last night that she yelled in class,'I love Kindergarten!!!' and everyone looked at her funny. She is so silly!

Kohen thinks it looks fun too because he had a fit when he couldn't stay behind and play too. He just kept saying,'My class! My class! Stay with Adi!' I tried to tell him that you have to be five to go to kindergarten but he didn't care. I think nursery on Sunday is going to have to do for now.

After we picked up Adi from her first day we played outside a little bit because the day had cleared up from the rain that morning. Kohen is getting so big! Guess who else is getting BIG?! ME...and baby!
8 days and counting!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just Married...

Adilyn and Kohen were the cutest little flower girl and ring bearer (sp) ever!!!

She was very serious when it came to dropping the petals...very serious business dropping those petals!...So funny!

Yummy Cake!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cali Trip...

Okay, So we have been back from California for over a week now but it seems like my vacation just kinda got over. My Dad drove back with us and stayed last week. It was so nice to hang out with my Dad and I loved that my kids got to get a little closer with their Papa Kenny. He was amazing while he was here. You may all know how handy my dad is but man he is a freakin' SUPER DAD! We got a lot done in the house and just having him see out home was great. We got a brand spankin' new entry way with a new front door and tiled entry way. We also got our sprinklers working a lot better, along with a color coded map my dad made with Adi's markers so there would be no confusion of what sprinklers did what. Ha ha! So funny! We got a new light in our kitchen too along with his help outside in the yard and all around!... I love my Dad! He was awesome to have and is welcome back and can stay anytime. Whether he works all around the house or not he is always welcome. I wish we could have done some relaxing things while my dad was here but it always seemed we were doing something and having daily trips to Home Depot. Now matter what we did we always had fun with my Dad!

Thanks again Dad!...We love you so much! I'll post pics of the entry way very soon...stay tuned!

Anyway...as for California it was so fun hanging out with my wonderful parents out at the 'farm'! That is really what they live on now. They have horses, goats, and my my Dad works hard on his garden...and there is just freakin dirt and dust everywhere!!! I mean everywhere! We had such a blast. My kids could and did dig in the dirt for hours and enjoyed taking rides on the tractor and four wheeler. Papa also gave them a ride on his Harley. The first day we got there Grandma took us to Oakdale Feed and the kids got some boots...Adi also got some country girl jeans that she loves and looks so cute in. They fed the goats with bottles and helped Grandma paint the barn. On the first Saturday we were there we went out on Justin and Ivie's boat to Lake McClure and hung out with the Murdoch's on their house boat which is always fun. I was kind of a challenge for me seeing I'm pregnant and huge but the kids got to tube and they both loved it...well... Kohen a little more than Adi but it was a very fun day in the sun.

Another fun day we went to Six Flags Marine World and saw some fun animals, the kids rode a much of rides and got to hangout with there cousins. It is so cute how much the cousins love each other. Again I didn't get to do too much because being pregnant and all but it was still great to see the kids have fun.

I loved seeing my family and it's always nice to visit Oakdale because it still feels like a home away from home. I was there for about 10 days but it went by so fast. I could have stayed even longer but Jeff was missing us too much! I love my family and can't wait to go back and visit again after this baby girl gets here.