Monday, June 28, 2010

Kohen's Hair cut...

So when it comes to Kohen's luscious locks of hair I have always trimmed and cut when it got too crazy. He normally cries the whole time and I have to wrestle with him to get it done. So I was slacking off lately because the last time I cut it he was so difficult. I just started brushing it to the side like Justin Beiber. It was cute but it was starting to look like helmet head. So me and Jeff both needed to get our hair done so I made an appointment for Kohen too! He was so good. I couldn't believe it....figures! So I had my camera there but Jeff took these on his iphone. I am still getting used to it. I think we cut all the sweet off of him because he has been extra crazy since we cut his hair... My baby boy is getting so big!

Look at all that hair!...Kelsey was awesome! She had him feel the buzz of the buzzers and he thought he was Batman in his black cape. What a cutie!

Buzz buzz...Here we go!

Handsome boy!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

what's up with us?...

So I thought I would post an update. We are, as I said before, all moved into our house. We had some fun earlier in the week working on the yard and cleaning up outside a bit. I went looking around the other day and found the manual to the pool filter and Jeff figured it out. He cleaned out the shed in the back and found all the hoses needed and we are super close to having the pool ready to go. We have had the hot tub good to go for a little while and I think the kids would live in it if they could.

We are loving our house and Jeff is loving his job too! He was just made an account manager and he is so grateful. I am too of course. My job, however, is coming to a close. It was a year in March that I have been working at Famous Dave's as a server and I am happy to say that my last shift is this Friday. I am looking forward to having the last couple months before baby girl gets here to just take it easy and have a fun carefree summer with my kids. Adi starts kindergarten right before I have the baby so it will be nice to have some calm before the crazy.

Everything is awesome and we are super happy! We are loving our ward too! Everyone has been very nice and welcoming. This summer is going to be a good one. I am in my third trimester now and I am looking forward to meeting this little girl. I am so not ready for her quite yet but I am excited for when we do meet. Kohen is feeling it too. We were at the store the other day and he wanted me to hold him. I did for a little while but after a while I was done. I told him I couldn't hold him anymore because I was already holding baby in my tummy and he was sitting on her. He was not happy to go in the cart. He just kept telling me, "Get it out, get it out!" Like I could just get her out and then I could hold him. =) Silly boy!

We all look forward to the next couple months. Wow... September is going to show up fast!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Move

So this last weekend was a good one because it was a nice three day weekend. Man were we busy! Everything finally got good and done on the house and it was time to move in. I am loving the new carpet and just having space and a place to put everything. We are loving this place. We have had some frustrating things from the guy who lived here before us. I think he thought he was handy but was just kinda dumb. We have also had fun figuring out all the stuff with the pool. We are still figuring out our plan to get it ready for summer. We will probably figure it out this weekend. I am happy to say I have every picture hung and all my curtains up. It really feels like home. I am loving my kitchen, too! I am still not super happy about the blue counter tops but I am okay with them for now. I love the quiet at night and the birds chirping in the morning. The kids are pretty happy too! Adilyn just keeps saying,'Mom, I love our new house!" We are still working on all the stuff we had stored in the garage. I need to go through all the kids cloths and the other stuff we have been moving around with us and get it organized. I need to go through baby cloths for this new little girl coming in only 3 more months. It is crazy how fast it seems this is going. We have just been busy and time has been flying by.

Thanks Jordan, Ty, Trent, and my awesome Uncle Randy for helping out with moving day.My husband was awesome too. I think his back is still recovering from our weekend. Love you babe! You guys were amazing! Thanks again!

We are getting everything organized and ready so we can have our first little house party! I think we are going to have an awesome summer!