Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Man it seems like we have been trying to get in this house forever! We started looking back in March and came across this house and both me and Jeff really loved it. We are going to put some work into it to make it even better. We are both so happy that we are becoming home owners again. That has been our goal since we got back from New Jersey! I am so excited to just be done renting and be out of an apartment. We have had to sacrifice and work hard but FINALLY we are here! Woo Hoo!

This process has had a few snags along the way that were frustrating. Certain people just being annoying and not doing there job or over doing there job when it came to getting the keys. But we're all done with the crazy now and on with the MOVING. We took over a little bit of stuff last night and our new carpet goes in on Thursday. Then comes Saturday, the day of the big move! I just want to get in and get it all done.

Blake and Kristen have been in the crazy with us and we appreciate them so much! Thanks guys!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Preschool Graduation!

Our Adilyn is all done with pre-school! She had her last day last Thursday. They showed us some songs and some fun things they have learned this year in Pre-school. Ms. Kate was an amazing teacher and Adi loved going to school. Adi really has learned so much! She was actually sad when we got home and was saying how much she was going to miss her friends and teacher. It's crazy she starts kindergarden this fall. What a big girl! Adi I love you and I am so proud of you!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baby #3!

We had a nice little family trip to the specialist yesterday to find out how this little baby in my tummy is coming along. I talked to Kohen and Adilyn before we went and found out what they thought the new baby was, boy or girl. They stuck to what they usually say. Adi said girl and Kohen said boy. Even after the tech said it was a girl Kohen just kept saying,"No, BOY!!!" He is so funny! I think he's at peace with it now but he was cute to watch while we looked closely at the baby girl in my tummy. He just kept saying,"Baby, baby!" We all loved hearing the heartbeat and we got pretty happy when baby girl waved at us in the unltrasound. Adi was quiet and just watched in awe! So cute! We got some cute profile pics and they also sent us home with a DVD. Other than finding out that we are having a little girl they also checked everything else out and she was all good. Heart, lungs, brain, and all that other fun stuff that they check. So nice to know more info and know she is growing so well and is healthy. Until this unltrasound I think every mom has some worry of the unknown. I think they should do untrasounds more often in pregnancy. It just makes moms feel better when they can see everything is going and growing as planned. Maybe I am just crazy but that's my thinking.

I have to say that I had an hunch it was a girl. Just comparing pregnancies it seemed similar to my pregnancy with Adi. I am having a hard time finding any names I like. I am sure I will find something soon. I always like to figure it out pretty quickly because I like being able to talk about my baby girl by name. I don't know why, it just makes it easier for me. One less thing to worry about once it gets to the big day. We are so happy! A healthy baby girl! I am so blessed to be a Mommy. I love my kids so much and even though it is funny to think of adding another kid to the mix, I am beyond excited. I have been so blessed with a great husband who is aslo a kick butt dad! He's so good with our babies and I think sometimes he misses and loves them more than me...we'll call it a tie! I love my little family and I am so happy with life right now. We close on our house in just a couple weeks and I am so anxious to finally get out of this apartment! So many things to look forward to....Yippee!