Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reunion and Cruise Craze!...

So these last couple weeks have been super crazy! We had the Krum Family Reunion the 17th of April. It was so much fun. Grandma and Grandpa were awesome. The food was yummy and the games were so fun. We took one the days we were there and we did an early Birthday Party for Adi and her cousin Linken at Pirate Island. We all had fun playin' games, eating cake, and opening presents!...Adi and Kohen loved seeing there cousins and it broke my heart when we had to leave early to get back for our cruise. The girls were so sweet crying and hugging Adi. They didn't want to let her go. It was so cute how much they love and miss each other. It was great to see everyone!

We got home Saturday night really late. We unpacked and then packed up for our cruise. We got to bed about 3:30am and woke up @ 6:00am to get to the airport to fly to Long Beach to catch our boat to the Mexican Riviera. We started catching up on our sleep as soon as we got in our room.
Queen Mary Hotel @ our Port
Gettin' on the boat...finally!
The boat was beautiful!
Happily full after just the first of the meals on the boat. Then off to our room for that nap.
Pina Colada!!!
It was windy in Puerto Vierta
Mazitlan windy too!
Church in the background was really cool inside and out.
A few stops on our way back to the ship...still in Mazitlan.
Me and Val Shopping for jewelry!
Our Husbands waiting patiently.
View of our boat on the tender into Cabo San Lucas.Align Center

I love my hubby! He's the reason we are on this cruise! Thanks Babe!
Cabo Gold Pirate!
Last Dining Room night. Dinners were so much fun full of entertainment and great food.
We both had so much fun! It was so nice to get time together but man did we miss our kids!