Friday, January 22, 2010

Field trip to the Grocery Store

Adi had a field trip today with her pre-school class. We went to Macey's Grocery Store and went everywhere. Each kid got a bag of goodies. In produce we got an orange and apple to take home. We got some go-gurt in the dairy section and went behind where they stock everything like the milks and juices. We got some candy from the shipping guy in the back and we saw the big ladder. In the meat department we got string cheese...I thought it would have been cooler if they gave all the mom's a roast or something but I guess the cheese worked. We did get to go in the back and see them make hamburger and put the plastic and stickers on it. The last place, my favorite, was the bakery. We saw them making donuts and they gave the kids a free cookie. Their donuts looked yummy! It took a lot to not buy one. Yea me! At the very end they asked what was the kids favorite part and Adi raised her hand and said,'I liked getting all the treats!' It was a fun day but we are all poooped out! It was a fun field trip, early, but fun!

Friday, January 1, 2010

King Christmas!

Christmas Eve and it's time for bed! Got the goodies for Santa!

Brush brush brush!

Spoiled we just love 'em so much!!!

Adi absolutely loved her snuggie!

Christmas Videos 2009

Kohen was watching Curious George and was cracking up! Curious George is a favorite in our house because this other video is Adi singing along with Curious George Christmas. Then of course we have our video from Christmas morning...enjoy!