Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Haizley's Blessing Day

When the busy morning was over, our ward was at 9a.m, she was happy to get out of her pretty dress and go to sleep on mommy's shoulder. She is so sweet! Thanks to all the family and friends that came and helped out! Love you all so much!

Jeff in the fast lane...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Kohen!...

Kohen's Birthday is tomorrow the 28th of September and our big boy is going to be 3 yrs. old. As you can see in the pics we had a Batman Party this last weekend. Kohen got everything batman and more. We had a yummy dinner with corn on the cob per Kohen's request. I have also been talking to Kohen about what kind of cake he wanted. He just kept going back and forth from motorcycle cake to Batman cake. Luckily I found Batman on a motorcycle! Yipee!!! The party was a hit and he is one happy kid! Happy Birthday to my baby boy! Love you Kohen!

Yep...Kohen is going tp be Batman for Halloween!...duh!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Haizley Re-cap...

How it all began!...
It's a girl!...(sorry it's blurry)
Here we go...ready or not!...I was ready :) Doesn't that IV look like fun!
I am the needle QUEEN by this point...
Yeah, I'm hot!...Ha ha ha!
She's here! The sound of her screaming was music to my ears since that was Kohen's problem and we had to live in the NIC-U. She is so precious!
This is me in recovery after being put back together. This is me holding her for the first time.
I fell in love with her instantly!
Back in the room and time for Adi and Kohen to meet their little sister.
They both did so good and they are so cute with her!
The Grandma's and Grandpa's had a turn as well.
...But once everyone was gone and I got to have time with Haizley all by myself I was one happy Mama. It's exactly what I needed to motivate my recovery. Jeff was actually the first one to hold her and he got to spend some Daddy time with her once everyone was gone but he was also in charge of taking pics so for some odd reason we have no pics of him holding her... Oops!... He was awesome in the hospital. Thanks babe for helping take care of me and Haizley. I had some emotional moments and he was great!
Haizley is dressed and ready to go home.
I was ready to go home too!
Let's get outta here!!!
Adi has been so amazing! She couldn't be more helpful. I have had to tell her no a couple times when she asks to hold her in the middle of me feeding her or right when she has fallen asleep after being a little fussy but I am so happy she is excited to help out. She is in love with being a big sister to Haizley. Kohen is doing good too but he is having a little bit more of an adjustment. He asks to hold her all the time but it usually doesn't last for very long. We are all doing very well. I love this outfit!
These last two weeks have flown by and I have been lucky to have help from my parent who came and stayed with us.
Puzzle fun!
I don't think I can thank my Mom enough. Thanks to my Dad too but there is nothing like having your Mom around when you need help. My mom was absolutely amazing in helping me. She helped with the house, laundry, kids and even got to steal some cuddles from Haizley. I hope she had fun while she was here. I appreciate her more than I can express. I love you Mom!!! Thanks again so much and we ALL miss you like crazy!
So as of yesterday it was back to the real world. No Mom and no Jeff like I had during the weekend...But... I did it!!! I am sure I have some stressful days ahead of me but so far so good.
So yesterday after we picked Adilyn up from school we had some fun outside. Haizley did a little sun bathing while the others kids rode their bikes and played. She is so gorgeous...I can't believe she will already be two weeks old tomorrow!...Ahh!
I love her and my little family!... I guess we are not really little anymore...there are five of us now!