Monday, October 12, 2009

Adi's Field Trip!

Black Island Farms

It was kinda hard taking the picture and holding Kohen at the same time.
It was @ 9:30 in the morning so Kohen is trying to wake up still.
They both got to pick a pumpkin fresh from the pumpkin patch.
The train was a favorite last year and is even more fun this year.
Adi knows what to do!...Put your hands up!!!
They loved looking at the Pumpkins everywhere!...Big and small!
What a fun day!

The day we had Adi's field trip my Mom, sister Jalisa and her new Hubby Andrew were heading our way for the weekend. Kohen was a big fan of my new brother-in-law. He loves playing with guys...he gets enough of girls I guess. Andrew was so good with him playing guns and shooting stuff and each other. It was a a quick visit but we enjoyed seeing family.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Kohen's Favorite things

Look at my handsome little man. He is so big! Here are a few of Kohen's favorite things from the last couple busy weeks....
Kohen turned 2 years old on the 28th of September and we had a small family party for him to celebrate. It was perfect for Kohen...he was just so happy to have his favorite person to his mommy and daddy of course...

...his Papa is one of Kohen's favorite things for sure. He is always so happy to see his Cowboy Papa!

His cake was yummy and Kohen was happy to get the soccer ball cupcake! It has SO much frosting which made Adi very happy...the more frosting the better!
Kohen is a pro at opening presents! He had fun unwrapping every single one...with a little help!

Jeff tried to get pics of his presents! Nice smile bud!
This is the present Daddy found for Kohen at Costco and it was a hit!


He loved trying on his new jammies! Pj's with a cape...what could be better!?

When Kohen is tuckered out he loves hearing papa sing cowboy songs while he takes a nap!

Kohen has been pretty happy to have two mornings a week with just him and Mommy. Adi is loving pre-school as well. She is having so much fun and learning so much already...thanks Miss Kate!Adi is always asking when do I have school again mommy! She can't get enough of it!

I am loving the fall weather and I am getting excited for the coming holidays. I am also excited for New Moon Movie that is right around the corner. Those of you who liked the soundtrack to the last Twilight movie...the soundtrack for New Moon will be released on the 20th of October and you can already pre-order it on itunes. Yippee! (I am aware I am a Twilight nerd!)

Happy fall everyone...going on a field trip to Black Island Farms on Thursday. The corn maze there is in the shapes of Team Edward and Team Jacob. Team Edward all the way! I'll post pics soon after!