Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Moon- Jacob Black Trailer

So this is the trailer from Bandslam. I am not sure that I like the whole Taylor Lautner talking about the movie but I was excited to see more sneak peaks into the movie. I can't wait to see this movie. November is still so far away!...I'm so looking forward to this. I can't believe they are already filming Eclipse. Crazy!... Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fireworks and Family...

So here is more pictures from when my family was here. I love my Grand-pa Fisher. Kohen loves him too. I think this is such I cute pic. What a good grandpa!

Adi absolutely loved helping out with my nephew, her cousin, Linkin. She has told me so many times she wants me to have another baby. I am glad she is such a good helper. She helped out a lot with Kohen and she is going to be even better with the next one. She tells me that she wants a baby sister next...I guess we will see.
Kohen loved baby Linkin too. He just kept saying 'baby...baby!' He would pat him on the head and try and give him balls to play with. I think he can't wait for him to get older so he can have a playmate. I am not quite sure he wants me to have another baby just yet. Every time I would hold Linkin or give him attention Kohen would get really jealous.
Yippee for boys!!!
For the 24th of July we seem to always end up @ the Capson's house for fireworks. They were nice and welcomed my family that was visiting too...the fireworks were awesome! Thanks again!
Well, everyone liked them except for Kohen. He liked looking at them but he didn't like the loud boom they made.
Doesn't he look happy! Ha ha ha! ( sorry but...from this angle my ta ta's look huge! ha ha!)
Ok, so this is Kohen dancing. I just love it! He straightens out his left arm and like bounces. He does it whenever he is feeling the groove of any and all music that he hears. It cracks me up! Then there is Adi trying to make sure she is getting some of the attention too. You go you crazy girl!