Monday, July 27, 2009

Private blogs...let me in!

Alright everyone who has gone private!...
I want in so add me!... ...PLEASE!!!!...

p.s. here is Jeff's too! =)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Family comes to visit ...

So we had a whirlwind of visitors. We started out having Jalisa and her, awesome almost husband, Andrew. They drove here from California with my mom and Jannae, and with Jannae came baby Linkin (so cute!...and he loves me by the way...a lot!). They were here for wedding stuff and Jalisa was in a friends wedding too. It was wonderful to see them and hangout. Then on Sunday night my sister-in-law Ivie and my three nieces came into town for some cousin play. Kohen felt a little out numbered by all the girls but we had a blast. We went to the park and my mom got some pics of all the grand kids before Jannae left to go back to California. We got some good ones. I like some in color in and some in black and white but I can do both in one post because they don't match (I know I am crazy).So they are all in black and white. Thanks for coming family...sorry if it was kind of a tight you all!
All the grand kids!

Girls, girls, girls!!!

Kohen is happy that there is another boy
in the family...hurry up and get bigger Linkin
so you guys can play.

Baby Linkin

Yeah he thinks I am funny!

so cute right!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer fun and cake!

We went to the pool yesterday and had a lot of fun.

Kohen is all about getting in the water. I actually put him under
a couple times but he doesn't like getting his face wet. Here he is
having a swim with Jeff.

Adi had fun laying out and listening to my iPod. She is
such a big girl.

She cracks me up. We just looked over and Jeff asked
me what she was doing...I told him she was laying out...
Duh, Dad! =)

What a silly girl! Kohen takes a minute to get in the
cold water.

This is when I was packing up and getting ready to move.
They were sitting on the back of the couch and sliding down.

G-ma Beth had her birthday and we had cake.
Adi and Kohen had fun chowing down.

Check out Kohen he has mad skills when it come to
to feeding himself. It is so funny! What a pig!(video)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

homemade header! I made this header and I am not sure that I like it more than the black and white I made a long time ago and keep going back to on the blog. I thought that black and white was kinda boring and that I should do something more colorful for the summer. I am curious what you all think. I know you would probably like to see some pics instead of my ramblings about being a perfectionist about my blog header but I need some input. I will get some pics of the kids and our fun in the sun soon...I promise!