Monday, April 27, 2009

Adi's 4th Birthday!

On Adi's actual birthday...I had to work but we decided to move the party to Famous Dave's. Bob my boss hooked us up a little and I brought out a big chocolate sundae for Adi. She had fun seeing me work and I was still a part of her party. It was super busy so I didn't get to give them as much attention as I would have liked to but it worked out.

We had another birthday party on Saturday and invited friends and family over for a backyard BBQ. I made her cute cake and Adi had her good friend Haylie over to play with. They had so much fun playing dress up.Adi and Haylie put princess dresses on and Adi was a princess through almost her whole party.
We also had a tea party with fancy napkins and mini cupcakes. It was so much fun and I think Adi loved it.
Our tea was hot chocolate...mmm!
Adi's big present was her bike that she is riding everywhere, even in the house.It's a Princess bike and she even got princess knee pads and helmet from Aunt Jenn. She had two parties but on the days in between she was opening presents from all the family that doesn't live close by. So she had four days of celebrating her fourth birthday.4 for 4! Thanks everyone for all you gifts and love. We all had so much fun!

Gone Fishin!

A couple Saturdays ago I had to work and so Jeff and cowboy Papa took the kids fishing. Papa even found night crawlers the night before to make the day even better. It was kinda rainy but they went anyway.
I love this pic of Adi...isn't that cute? Adi told me later that they didn't catch any fish and papa told her when you don't catch any fish that mean you get SKUNKED! So every time fishing was talked about she would announce to everyone..."We got skunked!!!"
Kohen loved bonding with the boys!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dye eggs...dye!

Here are some pictures from a night or two ago of us dying eggs. Adi had so much fun and loved seeing how each egg turned out. Kohen just wanted to put every egg in ever color and thought that every egg was a ball and would go to throw every egg he got a hold of. We had a fun time and I am pretty sure Adi's favorite part was the next day when we made some of the eggs into egg salad sandwiches. Funny thing...she has been asking a lot about what her brain does and what would happen if her brain broke and what her heart does and I told her some things. So while we were making the sandwiches, I told her eggs were good for her and they make her healthy and make her live a long time, she said," Everyone needs to eat egg sandwiches so that they don't die." I agreed with her and we decided we would spread the word to the people. So... Eat eggs so you don't die! Happy Easter!

Monday, April 6, 2009

California and Sparkles the Horse!

So now that the whole training of my new job is done and things have gotten less busy I need to do some catch up on the blog. So in March we went to California and surprised my Dad for his 50th birthday. We had so much fun and Adi and Kohen loved playing with their cousins. The girls are so silly and have fun taking turns making each other laugh. We had an extra fun day at a fun house with the kids. They had a fun until we tried to get them all in the pool of balls. They got tired quick and when they were done they were most definitely done. It was awesome to surprise my Dad and see the rest of the family.

All the kids in the car!...and the babies too!

Kohen wasn't super crazy about the bounce house but loved going down the slides.
Happy to be in the balls...playing with the cousins!

Me and the babies... Taylor and Kohen! This place was fun even for me and Ivie. We're just big kids too!
Not so happy now...time to go!
This is our new addition to the family thanks to Cowboy Papa and G-ma Beth...everyone meet...

Sparkles the horse (yes...Adi named her...with no prompting from funny!)