Friday, February 27, 2009

I wanna be sedated!

Adi went to the dentist last Saturday and both the dentist and I agreed that sedating her would be the easiest way to get in get things done and do a cleaning. Adi hates the dentist like most people in the world and it is quite an ordeal when she is awake. I pretty much have to hold her down and I assume it is not very easy working in a mouth of a moving kid. So we get called back and Adi is already leery but the nurse is really nice and gets her watching a movie. So to sedate her I thought they give her gas or something but it is actually a shot they give her in her arm. So they poke in her arm and she starts crying but the nurse is like," Just give it a minute and she'll calm down." She was right because Adi started to stop crying. Jeff asked her," Do you feel funny?" and she said," Yeah!" She was out. So they said for us to go out into the waiting room and that we could come back and check on her and they would come out and give us updates. You could say me and Jeff kind of freaked out a little bit. It was the first time we were seeing one of our kids sedated. It was weird! So me and Jeff would take turns checking on her and then a long while later she was starting to wake up.We took her into recovery where she needed to start waking up and eat a Popsicle. If she kept that down we could go. The funniest part though was when she started to talk. She said some funny things...

"I see two Daddies!"

"Did I fall asleep? Did they clean my teeth while I was sleeping?"
(she looked toward me and showed me her teeth and held her mouth like that for I swear was like 2 minutes. I had to tell her to close her mouth and just rest.)

"I feel funny!"

"I love sugarplums...they're my favorite vegetable."

as she shakes her head back and forth..."It's like being on a ride!"

pretty much everything she did was drawn out so when she said everything it was super loud and her words were all stretched out.

"Ahhh! Everything looks silly!"

"Mama how long til' my eyes fix, I see funny!"

So if you want more of a clue of what Adi was like check out this little kid after he went through the same thing.

Adi was pretty much just like this kid. I wish I would have brought my camera. It would have been pretty funny. Maybe next time...I was just thinking I wanted her to be okay and wasn't thinking how funny she would be.

Seriously just copy the link below and watch it....It is HILARIOUS!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cruise'n Craze!

First fancy night on the cruise

Out in the sunshine and loving it!

Quinn and our favorite server Darwin

It was so nice to give all our attention to each other!

First port- Puerto Vallarta

Lunch on the deck in Mexico

Shopping in a crazy market in our second port- Mazatlan
Hi Quinn!

Boat over to Mazatlan beach

On our way over to Cabo- 3rd port

Hello Cabo san Lucas!

4-wheeling...woo hoo!

Cabo was such a blast! We had so much fun!

Crazy beautiful beach, right!?

Look at me go!

Look at my 4-wheeling man!

Back to our boat in Cabo...yeah we kissed a lot...

no kids remember!

The boat always looks so much bigger from down in the water

This is the last fancy night on our way back to L.A.

You can't see much of me but this is the only

pic we got of the main lobby.

Back on land in L.A. at the Botanical Garden...excited
to get home to our babies!

We had such a great time! Now we need to go on a 10 day fast!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My not so little, little boy!

My handsome man! I can't believe how big my boy is getting.
Hats and more hats!

So cute!....He's becoming quite a ham for the camera.

He is the sweetest little man in my house...sorry Jeff! He is starting to talk and communicate and his personality is so funny. I love his guts! Good thing he never gets sick of his mommy huggin and kissin him. I think he is pretty fond of his momma as well! LUCKY ME!