Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Long over due and reposted best and worst of 2008

Okay here is my list of the best and the worst of they year. Books, TV, Music and Movies.

Books. I read and listen to a lot of books and audio books this past year, (none of them published in 2008). There a few that stand out. The first was written in 1986, Watchmen by Alan Moore. Watchmen is a comic book or graphic novel, the story about a group of real people that start being Super Heroes. The Story is amazing. The movie will be out in march of 09. The movie is directed by the guy that directed 300 and we know how much I loved that movie.

The Road, by Cormac Mcarthy was written in 2006 is a post apocalyptic novel about a father and his son trying to make it to the coast with little food and a gun with only 2 bullets. This is a gripping novel Its so grim that I wanted to stock pile weapons and ammo after reading it.

Music, My CD of the year is the new Coldplay Viva la vida. Just as amazing as you can expect from Coldplay. I think that there are a few new to me groups that I have taken to this year. Parahamore is one of them. I am just going to list a few bands, Kings of Twilight. Silversun Pickups, Unicorn High school, The Raconteurs are all good. Also the Twilight sound track is really good.

TV: The best new show of the year has been Fringe. Try to get caught up on this show if you can. I am still enjoying the old favs Big bang theory and How I met your mother, The Office and Chuck, Also Dexter was extra good this season.

Video games: I moved from the Wii to the 360 in 2008. I will say the wii was fun for a month or so but it never cured my itch for hard core gaming. The 360 scratched that itch. Game of the year goes to Call of Duty 4. Rock band was the runner up. I played a few good games this past year but I still played Call of Duty 4 the most. Its the best game I haver ever played.

Movies: Okay so This is all about the Dark Knight and the Joker. I love batman but the Joker is pure awesomeness. When I watched the movie I couldn't even think that I was watching Heath Ledger It was just the Joker.

I really loved Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr was perfect for the role of Tony Stark. I remember that they were talking about making Iron Man a few years ago with Tom Cruise in mind as tony. He passed, moron.

Brad Pitt gave one of his best performances in Burn After Reading. He wasn't in the film very long but he was the funniest part of the movie.

Here are a few others, Across the Universe Pick up the sound track if you like the Beatles, Gran Torino , Tropic Thunder again Robert Downey Jr was amazing, and Defiance. I am sure there are others that I forget to mention.

My worst of 2008

Books: Twlight hahah I just put that in to tick off my wife!

I really can't list a bad book that I read this year, a bad book is easy to close.

Music: When we moved back to Utah I gave up my XM radio and has the displeasure of listeing to Utah radio again. In the after noons there was a DJ that did the drive time slot he called him self Parker well he sucked. He was a name dropping self promoting d bag. He also introduced me to the worst band in the history of music Thriving Ivory. I really can't say enough bad about this band the lead singer has the WORST voice ever. Here is a video to prove my point.

Sorry that I subjected you to that, but you understand what I am talking about now.

TV: I have to say that Heroes was a good show when it first started but in its thrid season every darn character got powers and they did so much time travel it was just too much. We as a family gave it up.

Movies: Last year was so easy I hated so many more films last year, I am going to say that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a huge disappointment. Why did they have to go and screw up a great movie by adding a 4th film? Oh yeah money. Someone should put a leash on George Lucas. He only has 2 good movie franchises and he ruined both of them so I guess the worst is over.

Handcock was a steaming pile of garbage. The whole movie was in the trailer, well the good parts that is. Both of them. I don't care much for Will Smith but Handcock was crap.

Okay so this took FOREVER to write and finish. I hoped to have it out the first week of Jan but oh well I am a busy guy.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Puke Party!

So you can probably guess what this post is going to be about just by the title but let me tell you all about our fun weekend...So on Thursday of this last weekend Brooke Gibson and I took our kids on the front runner train and to lunch. It wasn't too cold but I think that Adi was mostly effected by the lovely air quality we get from the inversion. Yuck! Anyway...we got home and Adi was coughing a little bit but nothing too bad. Well on Friday she was coughing more and then sick had arrived by that evening. Fun weekend right!? Well Saturday night was the peek of it all. Adi fell asleep watching one of her shows and woke up coughing and crying. She wouldn't calm down and started coughing so hard that she was gagging. Friday night she threw up a little so I thought we were lucky on Saturday...but the night was not over yet. Kohen had been asleep during all the Adi drama but just after she had fallen asleep and I was about to go to sleep Kohen started to move around and then the puking started...and again...and again. Spaghetti-os and milk he had drank before bed all over my bed. So we cleaned up, changed sheets and p.j's , and Adi woke up in the process. So the kids were up and not acting very sleepy. Kohen gave in first and finally Adi fell asleep too. Ahh! Sleep at last...and it was only just after 2 a.m...but...weird thing...Kohen didn't have a fever and wasn't coughing so I didn't know why he just started throwing up. Well, while Jeff was washing out the towel we cleaned up with Boots' arm from Dora was waving hello. Adi has a book and you can make your own scene with little vinyl stickers and Kohen was playing with it right before bed. It seems he was having fun pulling poor Boots apart and thought his arm looked tasty. I found poor Boots and he is also missing a leg. Hmm... So it's Sunday and almost bedtime. Adi just puked coughing too hard before dinner...hopefully that will be it for the night. I guess we will see...please please please I hope that we are done with puke party! What a weekend!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hardworking Hubby!

So Jeff is so freaking AWESOME!...There were a couple contests at his job the last couple months of last year and the big prize is a cruise. Well...lets just say Jeff did amazingly well with all the contests and we are going on the cruise. They weren't sure about the destination and date until about a week ago but we found out that the boat sets sail on February 7th. Yeah...pretty quick right! Well I kinda freaked out because that didn't give me much time to get Kohen weened. When we first heard that if Jeff did well we would go on a cruise... I was like, 'uh oh, what about Kohen?' Jeff told me 'if you don't want to ween Kohen and your not ready to go then I can just take my dad'...Ha ha!...I don't freaking think so! I couldn't let that happen. When we get a free vacation let alone a kick butt cruise...I am going to go!...So I started trying to ween Kohen last week and I am happy to say it is going so well. I have pretty much done it. Woo hoo me! Me and Jeff are so excited for the cruise. We haven't gone on a vacation alone since we had the kids. It is definitely about time for some mommy, daddy time away from the kids....I KNOW I am going to miss them like crazy but...what ya gonna do? I am super excited and I love Jeff for kicking butt at work. Freak yeah!...So the juicy details...the cruise is to the Mexican Riviera but more specifically we are going to be on the Princess Sapphire Ship to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. Yippee! So...thank you, thank you, thank you to Jeff...Jeff's job...Quinn ( for helping Jeff get this job)...Brad (Jeff's boss)...Tim (other boss)...and Kohen for letting me be a little selfish and ween him a few months earlier than I had planned! Did I say I am excited?...I can't wait!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

bye bye 2008!

Alright... 2008 is over and hello 2009! Last year was a good year with the normal ups and downs but good. It is crazy to think that a year ago we were still in Jersey... it doesn't seem that we have been gone that long but it also seems like so long ago that we were there. Crazy life! It was hectic and stressful to move across the country again but we are so happy to get back to Utah...I think the blog showed that.

Right before we moved Adi turned 3 and in this last year she has become such a little lady. She loves tea parties, lip gloss, dressing up like a princess and anything else, playing mommy with her baby dolls and her little brother. She has been such a help to me and I can't believe what a firecracker she is sometimes. I love that crazy little girl.

This last year has been a fun one for Kohen too. A year of all his firsts. Crawling by May... then he took his first steps in July and all of that while teething...fun, right!? He seems to be talking so much more. It seems like a lot more just in the last weeks of 08. He has the most amazingly fun, and cute personality. He is such a BOY too playing with batteries, and pretty much anything electronic. (like his daddy!) He is always grabbing for the tools when they are out and he lifts up everything he can to show everyone how buff he is. Really, he does! I can't believe how much my little boy has grown. I am happy and sad to say that I am wrapped right around his little finger.

Jeff's new job was a transition but he's loving his job so much. It has been a struggle this year having to start over again but it is well worth it. I have so much faith and confidence in Jeff and his new job. We are just trekking along and happy with life...our goal is to save a then take advantage of the house market. I would be elated to get into a home...not too excited for the mortgage but to have a home again and be done moving for a while would be fantastic.

Life for me has stayed the same...rolling with the ups and downs of life...I am still in love with being a mom, almost always, and having my babies and seeing them grow is so rewarding. Probably more rewarding than I know. They really teach me so much and constantly make me laugh. I have enjoyed my time with my kids and me and Jeff enjoy the moments we get to ourselves. We have loved playing rock band as a family...mostly me... I am trying so hard to get better on the "hard" level. My big break through this year is getting some time in my head for myself by reading. It started up again with the 'Twilight' saga, then I moved on to 'The Host', then I tried Nicholas Sparks ( pretty good) and I am going to start reading 'Hunger Games', a book that Stephanie Meyer suggested on her website. I need to just start reading again but the holidays were kinda crazy. If anyone has a suggestion pass them along...I am always looking for a good book. Reading just gives me time in my head to myself and even some excitement. I love it!

I have to mention the excitement of Twilight the movie this year. I was giddy like a little child and I am sure I don't have to go on because you all know I am a passionate twilight junkie and proud of it! Twilight didn't let me down...(well some of the movie was a little cheesy)... but I still loved it and I still love Edward! Yeah yeah, I am nuts....TWILIGHT FOREVER!

Hope every one's 2008 was a good one and best of luck for the new year! Rock on!