Sunday, November 22, 2009

Twilight Saga: New Moon...Ahh!

So my thoughts on Twilight Saga: New Moon!!!!.... LOVED IT!!! I don't even have one bad thing to say about it. I really hope that Chris Wietz does Breaking Dawn! I am so glad we only have 7 more months until Eclipse is here! So freakin' excited!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


So I actually took more pics of the kids trick-or-treating on Halloween. I will post them soon I promise. I just wanted to post this pic from our fun Halloween party at the Capson's. We had a blast! I was the octomom (eight babies and big fat lips...attractive, right!?). Jeff was Tony Soprano (gun and gold watch are missing in the pic...he also talked 'jersey' all night... awe memories). Adi was a fairy princess and loves wearing make-up and glitter. Kohen was the cutest Superman ever...with the cute little curl and all...good thing his hair has natural curl because it made it so much easier. This is actually the only pic I have of my costume the way it was supposed to be. I have two others of octomom holding babies and more of Halloween night on facebook if you curious. Anyhoo...had a great Halloween and more photos will be coming soon...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Adi's Field Trip!

Black Island Farms

It was kinda hard taking the picture and holding Kohen at the same time.
It was @ 9:30 in the morning so Kohen is trying to wake up still.
They both got to pick a pumpkin fresh from the pumpkin patch.
The train was a favorite last year and is even more fun this year.
Adi knows what to do!...Put your hands up!!!
They loved looking at the Pumpkins everywhere!...Big and small!
What a fun day!

The day we had Adi's field trip my Mom, sister Jalisa and her new Hubby Andrew were heading our way for the weekend. Kohen was a big fan of my new brother-in-law. He loves playing with guys...he gets enough of girls I guess. Andrew was so good with him playing guns and shooting stuff and each other. It was a a quick visit but we enjoyed seeing family.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Kohen's Favorite things

Look at my handsome little man. He is so big! Here are a few of Kohen's favorite things from the last couple busy weeks....
Kohen turned 2 years old on the 28th of September and we had a small family party for him to celebrate. It was perfect for Kohen...he was just so happy to have his favorite person to his mommy and daddy of course...

...his Papa is one of Kohen's favorite things for sure. He is always so happy to see his Cowboy Papa!

His cake was yummy and Kohen was happy to get the soccer ball cupcake! It has SO much frosting which made Adi very happy...the more frosting the better!
Kohen is a pro at opening presents! He had fun unwrapping every single one...with a little help!

Jeff tried to get pics of his presents! Nice smile bud!
This is the present Daddy found for Kohen at Costco and it was a hit!


He loved trying on his new jammies! Pj's with a cape...what could be better!?

When Kohen is tuckered out he loves hearing papa sing cowboy songs while he takes a nap!

Kohen has been pretty happy to have two mornings a week with just him and Mommy. Adi is loving pre-school as well. She is having so much fun and learning so much already...thanks Miss Kate!Adi is always asking when do I have school again mommy! She can't get enough of it!

I am loving the fall weather and I am getting excited for the coming holidays. I am also excited for New Moon Movie that is right around the corner. Those of you who liked the soundtrack to the last Twilight movie...the soundtrack for New Moon will be released on the 20th of October and you can already pre-order it on itunes. Yippee! (I am aware I am a Twilight nerd!)

Happy fall everyone...going on a field trip to Black Island Farms on Thursday. The corn maze there is in the shapes of Team Edward and Team Jacob. Team Edward all the way! I'll post pics soon after!

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Extended New Moon Trailer

Holy cow!!! There is so much in this trailer. I love, love, love it and I am super excited. Enjoy it if you haven't seen it yet or if you just want to watch it again...and again. =)

Side note:
I am happy to say I have finished reading Catching Fire, the book that followed The Hunger Games, and I loved it. But now I have to wait again for the next book and wonder what is going to happen next. Ahh...the suspense!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

California Trip

So our whole trip was go go go! We started out on Monday after Jeff got off work. We drove down to St. George and stayed over night at the King condo. It was a nice break and that is where we met up with G-ma Beth. We woke up on Tuesday and drove to southern California to our hotel just a couple blocks down from Disneyland. Adi was so excited when we pointed to the directions where Mickey lived. We got dinner and then headed back to get ready for our day at the park. We woke up early and even I couldn't sleep I was excited to get going. We went over to the Sheraton Hotel (thanks Lisa for the hook up!) where we were staying that night and hopped on the shuttle...

Can you see that they are excited...I think so...just a little! Ha ha ha!

These are the benches right outside the entrance to the park. We were waiting while Jeff went through the ticket line. Adi loved these Mickey's and it just added to her excitement!
We went right into the Park and through the castle where Adi was greeted and made a wish while she was sprinkled with pixie dust...bippidee boppidee boo! So cute...she still has glitter in her hair. It doesn't want to come out! Kohen was lucky too and got dusted as well. We were all covered! Kohen and Adi flexed their muscles trying to get the sword out of the stone! Kohen's really putting his back into it. =)

We couldn't pass on the tea cups even though I have had some bad experiences with my dad and him spinning WAY too fast. Jeff and Lisa spun like crazy and Me and Beth and the kids went on our own nice ride.

We lucked out and had barely any wait to get on the rides. Adi saw every princess she wanted and more. I love how you can have one on one time with every princess. They were all so pretty and Kohen thought so too. He hugged every one of them and was such a flirt. I love it! Check out his sly bedroom eyes. He was diggin' all the ladies! We couldn't have asked for a better day. It was hot but I expected that. I am excited to go back again....hopefully it won't be too long before we make it back.
We were tired and sore after our day with Mickey but we woke up the next day said bye to G-ma Beth and Lisa and headed up north to Oakdale. We got there and I had fun helping get bows tied, butneers(sp) made, hair bows glued, and teaching the hoedown throwdown...and so on! It was such a beautiful day!
Me and my sister Jannae were Maid of Honors and Adi was a flower girl with her cousins. Kohen was planned to be the ring bearer with cousin you can tell from two pictures up...he freaking fell asleep. I walked Taylor down the aisle. It would have been so cute...he did look so handsome anyway!
This pic is the best I had of all of us. We weren't ready for the pic obviously but you get the just , right?
All five of us married!!! Wow...I shed a few tears...not gonna lie...I am a Krum. I think I heard my dad say 'Free at last, free at last!' more than once. Funny thing...he cried more than anybody else! Love you daddy!
Jeff had fun getting some cute pics of Kohen. My boy is so big!!! I can't believe he is almost 2!
Kohen danced with Mommy!...and the Bride! Jalisa you are gorgeous...I love you and hope you and Andrew are having fun (wink , wink!) in Jamaica...spoiled!!!
Is was a fun and very busy trip. I am happy how everything went and I am happy to be home too! Kohen wasn't too thrilled to get in the car that final time but Adi just went with the flow. What a good girl! Thanks everyone...we loved seeing you all!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Moon- Jacob Black Trailer

So this is the trailer from Bandslam. I am not sure that I like the whole Taylor Lautner talking about the movie but I was excited to see more sneak peaks into the movie. I can't wait to see this movie. November is still so far away!...I'm so looking forward to this. I can't believe they are already filming Eclipse. Crazy!... Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fireworks and Family...

So here is more pictures from when my family was here. I love my Grand-pa Fisher. Kohen loves him too. I think this is such I cute pic. What a good grandpa!

Adi absolutely loved helping out with my nephew, her cousin, Linkin. She has told me so many times she wants me to have another baby. I am glad she is such a good helper. She helped out a lot with Kohen and she is going to be even better with the next one. She tells me that she wants a baby sister next...I guess we will see.
Kohen loved baby Linkin too. He just kept saying '!' He would pat him on the head and try and give him balls to play with. I think he can't wait for him to get older so he can have a playmate. I am not quite sure he wants me to have another baby just yet. Every time I would hold Linkin or give him attention Kohen would get really jealous.
Yippee for boys!!!
For the 24th of July we seem to always end up @ the Capson's house for fireworks. They were nice and welcomed my family that was visiting too...the fireworks were awesome! Thanks again!
Well, everyone liked them except for Kohen. He liked looking at them but he didn't like the loud boom they made.
Doesn't he look happy! Ha ha ha! ( sorry but...from this angle my ta ta's look huge! ha ha!)
Ok, so this is Kohen dancing. I just love it! He straightens out his left arm and like bounces. He does it whenever he is feeling the groove of any and all music that he hears. It cracks me up! Then there is Adi trying to make sure she is getting some of the attention too. You go you crazy girl!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Private blogs...let me in!

Alright everyone who has gone private!...
I want in so add me!... ...PLEASE!!!!...

p.s. here is Jeff's too! =)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Family comes to visit ...

So we had a whirlwind of visitors. We started out having Jalisa and her, awesome almost husband, Andrew. They drove here from California with my mom and Jannae, and with Jannae came baby Linkin (so cute!...and he loves me by the way...a lot!). They were here for wedding stuff and Jalisa was in a friends wedding too. It was wonderful to see them and hangout. Then on Sunday night my sister-in-law Ivie and my three nieces came into town for some cousin play. Kohen felt a little out numbered by all the girls but we had a blast. We went to the park and my mom got some pics of all the grand kids before Jannae left to go back to California. We got some good ones. I like some in color in and some in black and white but I can do both in one post because they don't match (I know I am crazy).So they are all in black and white. Thanks for coming family...sorry if it was kind of a tight you all!
All the grand kids!

Girls, girls, girls!!!

Kohen is happy that there is another boy
in the family...hurry up and get bigger Linkin
so you guys can play.

Baby Linkin

Yeah he thinks I am funny!

so cute right!