Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family. We have been super busy the last month so you haven't seen many posts from the Kings. I am working on a End of the year list of best and worst.

We added a link to our link list Adi got a digital camera from Santa and were going to keep a blog of her pictures and art work she does. So check that out.

Everyone have a merry day!

Friday, December 5, 2008

just an update... I haven't posted anything about what we have been up to. ya go! The week before Thanksgiving we were packing up and moving. That same weekend my brother and sister came into town and I had showers to go to ,both bridal and baby. Busy Busy! Then we went down to St. George to the King condo for Thanksgiving. We had a nice relaxing holiday and it was really just what we needed. We had so much fun! The only thing with having so much going on is that we were able to move everything over and clean but we didn't get much unpacked. We got back Sunday night and Monday morning the unpacking of yesterday I am happy to say that we are unpacked and pictures hung and that fun stuff. There is a little bit in the garage we need to take to the storage shed but I told Jeff yesterday...I AM DONE! I am really getting sick of unpacking. I think my kids were getting sick of it and unpacking makes mommy a little stressed toward the end of the home stretch. Speaking of homes stretching ...just in case you were all wondering where we were moving... we have moved into Jeff's sister Jenn's house. She has been awesome in sharing her home with us while we figure out what we are going to next and save some money. Thanks Jenn! So life is finally settling again and Christmas is coming! Ahhh! I have got to get some shopping done...I think my camera is in my box in the pantry so I will post some pictures soon. Hope everyone elses Thanksgiving was turkey-rrific!