Friday, November 21, 2008

I saw Twilight!...eeek!

Can you tell that I was excited? I was so Christmas morning excited. I even listened to the soundtrack in my car days before and on the way to the movie too. ( I know I am a complete nerd!) I have to say that over all I loved the movie. I was let down with all the stuff they cut out of Harry Potter from book to movie so I went into Twilight trying not to get my hopes too high. I won't go into any specifics so that I don't mess with your expectations but I have to say I was happy with the movie. I look forward for the next movies because you get know so much more beyond just Bella and Edward. I love these books so much and I don't think there has ever been a movie that has been better than the book it was made from. I have to say I love it!!! I look forward to seeing it again. I am curious to see what Jeff thinks....hmmm! Maybe I don't want to know what he thinks...we will see I guess. If you have seen Twilight post and tell me what you thought. good!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Disney on Ice!

We went to Disney on ice last week. Just us girls! We had a lot of fun but there was some of the stories that Adi didn't care much for like Penocio(sp) and Incredilble's. She has seen Incredilbe's but just doesn't care for it much. She cared more about the princesses, obviously. They did the story of Beauty and the Beast but she still hasn't seen it yet because it hasn't come out of the vault for a while now. You would think they would think about what movies have come out lately and focus more on those.The did have some of the princesses but it was kinda quick. They were there and then they were done. Anyhoo!...It was still really fun and Kohen and Jeff had great manly might as well. I am not quite sure made it manly but there ya go. We are moving this week so I am going to post more pics once things are a little less busy. Oh...I forgot my camera in the car so I googled to get this one. Mickey and Minnie were Adi's favorite part anyway. She is now telling me a Jeff that we need to go to Disneyland. I am sure they have some subliminal messages in that show somewhere...I would love to go though...we will see!?!

Friday, November 14, 2008

4th Album 4th picture...

My Friends Brooke did this on her blog and it was funny so I wanted to do it too. If you've seen it and get curious than you should do it too! Go to your pictures go to the forth album down and find the forth picture and post it...Adi is the photographer in this picture. She actually does this a lot. She just grabs the camera and takes pictures. Some make sense but others are just blobs of colors. Here is one that is actually really cute. She took a picture of her sweet little feet. Cute, right! We sure think so!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Going Private

I think the trend to go with a private blog is going to hit here at I have been tracking the visitors to our site and I don't really know anyone outside the USA (Other then one cousin) and we are getting A LOT of visits from places that are just weird.

I think that were going to make the change on Sunday the 9th Prepare.

If you would like to keep visiting our blog please e-mail us to be added to our blog

Thanks - Admin

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We started our day with Grandma Fisher. We went to the Halloween party at her Senior Center and we had so much fun!

That night we did our trick-or-treating with the Gibson's...stopped at Aunt Jenn's and then moved the party to G-ma and G-pa Kings house....then stopped at Jeff's Grandma's. Quite a busy night....but a good night!

Dorothy... her ruby red slippers were her favorite part!

What a cute scarecrow!
He wasn't too fond of his hat...
....but he was the cutest anyway!
Happy Halloween!

back to the Black Island!

I said before I wanted to go back with Jeff and we did. We had a blast...I think this is a new King Family Fall Tradition. SO MUCH FUN!!!Kohen knew the way to go...actually he fell asleep half way through and woke up right at the end. It was actually me who kicked the corn maze right in the butt and got us right though with no problem. Yeah I know I am amazing!!! Oh, yeah Jeff helped too! Adi was all about the maze at first but we kinda had to drag her through toward the end. I am sure she was getting tired. What Kohen?...go that way...?
Sitting on the hay bale waiting for the pig race to start....the pig race that Adi was picked for...she had the green pig... and the green pig won!....woo hoo! Adi won a cute baby pumpkin.

We all love the sweet nectar...mountain dew...woo hoo!
I tried to get Kohen in his own cow but he kept trying to climb out!