Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adi's 1st boyfriend, Steve!

So I had a funny conversation with Adi today. We sat down after lunch and she told me she wanted to watch her shows. After I rattled off what was on the tivo she decided she wanted to watch Blue's Clues, one of her very favorites, and so we started watching..."Blue's clues, blue's clues!"....
Adi: "I lub Steve, he is my favorite boy."
Mom: "Oh yeah, why do you love him so much?"
Adi: " Because mama, I lub him. I lub him all around the world."
Mom: " Is Steve your boyfriend Adi?"
Adi: " Yes mama, he is my boyfriend and I lub him sooo much!"
Mom: "What about Joe... ( Joe is the actor that replaced Steve. In the show they say Steve went to College. Funny huh!) you love Joe too?"
Adi: "no, I just lub Steve...(long pause)...she laughs her fake laugh and says,"he is so funny!"
...The way she said that she loved him was so matter of fact. I thought it was just so funny. She loves Steve and that is that. Well, at least she knows what kind of boyfriend she wants to have. So little boys everywhere...find yourself a thinking chair, a handy dandy notebook, and a blue puppy and Adi will "lub you all around the world.'
...Adi is always saying how much she loves everybody, and it makes me so happy that her little heart has so much love for every person she comes in contact with. Her little outlook on life makes me so happy and helps me more than she will ever know. Even as a 3 1/2 year old she is an awesome example to her mama. I love you Adi...You and Kohen are my world!...Oh, and Jeff you too...oh, you know what I mean.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kohen's funny face! baby boy Kohen is only one month away from his 1st birthday and he is getting so big. I think I have already gone off on how I can't believe how fast this last year has gone a few posts ago. The first year of his life he grows and changes at such a quick rate. Anyhoo!...he has started making this really funny face. I don't quite know what it means yet but I think it might mean he is sad, or mad, or I think he just might be doing it because he gets a reaction from me. Either way it is so funny that I wanted to get it on camera and share it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rock Star Adi!

Adi came up to me today with the rock band microphone and asked me, "Introduce me, Mama!". Some of you might have seen our post of her singing with the microphone a couple months ago. Anyhoo...I introduced her and she sang me twinkle twinkle little star and then I thought of a funny thing. Well, every time we play rock band she always wants us to play 'Crush,Crush' by the band Paramore. Anyway...she loves it and has come to know the words really well. So after she sang twinkle, twinkle I asked her if she wanted to sing Crush Crush...she said yes! The video is of her singing and then her score that she got. She even was dancing a little bit while she was funny! She got 77% on the video and then asked if she could sing it one more time...she then got an 80%. She is a freakin' ROCK STAR! I love her so much...she cracks me up!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Twilight...movin' on up! I know I just go on and on about all this but this is really good news. So the Twilight movie is coming out soon and it was set to come out December 12th but ,as some of you may know, Harry Potter has been pushed back to next summer so with the open space Warner bro. has decided to move the release of Twilight up three weeks to NOVEMBER 21st! Yippee! I am really excited and just wanted to pass on the fantastic news.

I think I should be hired to recruit people to read this book. I have not only gotten my sisters and mom to read the twilight saga but this last week was my sister in laws b-day and I got her the book as well so she would have no excuse not to read it. I got my friend Brooke to read it or at least she said she was going to read it. Jeff's grandma turned 94 this last weekend and I thought that I might even get her the book. She has lots of time on her hands being a wise old woman she might enjoy the excitement of reading Twilight...Jeff said no! Too bad...I even, sad to say, told a complete stranger. I was in Walmart in the book isle and she said something like..." She told me the name of the book was like TWILIGHT or something." So I heard that and guess what I did next..."It is down at the end, it's the book with the apple and hands on it!" She looked at me like I was crazy but then asked me more. She was thinking of buying it for her niece and wanted to know if it was an adult book and too mature for a 12 year old. I told her it would be fine and that she would even enjoy it...she said" Her birthday isn't for a few days so maybe I will read it before I wrap it and give it to her." I then said"DO IT! You will enjoy it I promise." I think I could have said even more than that but that's the just of it. I know I am totally nuts! I haven't had any complaints from anyone who had read it yet so I don't think it's that bad,right? ...but seriously I am sharing my obsession of this book with anyone and everyone that I come in contact with. Sorry if I am getting annoying!...I just enjoy it a ton!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jeff...the fainting Goat!

So this morning started a little...uh... rocky. Kohen woke up around 6:30 a.m. I had to give him some medicine for his fever from his contant teething. Well Kohen had gone back to sleep when I heard Jeff jump out of bed. From the way he grabbed his leg I assumed he had a leg cramp....then all the sudden...BOOM...he was down, and landed right on the nightstand on his side of the bed. Jeff, my little sheep, had passed out...I am guessing it is because he got up so fast but as he was falling all I could yell was 'Baaaaabe!' As soon as he had fallen and figured out what just happened he said, ' Well, that's never happened before.' We both laughed! Jeff gave me permission to post our morning fall on the blog. I thought about this fainting goat video I had seen once before and started laughing even more. If you have read this first then you have to watch this video on fainting goats. It is so funny!...Jeff, my poor little fainting goat!...ha ha!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So fresh and so clean clean!

Adi loves the bath and thinks she is so big when she puts her towel on her head like mommy does. Kohen is obsessed with getting in the bath and the shower. If I get in the shower and he is not in with me he has a huge fit! When he gets to shower with me he just lays there smiling and is just so happy and relaxed. I am the same way though. If I am ever stressed or mad or whatever else I can get in the shower and come out a different woman. Sometimes the reason I am mad is because I haven't had my shower yet. Ahhh....the crazy days of being a mom...yes that means that sometimes I go without a shower! Yeah, yucky huh! Anyhoo...Kohen is crazy about the bath too! Adi is not so sure about water on her face, I have to say she is a real wuss!...but when Kohen is in the bath I have to keep telling him no because he keeps putting his face in the water and then looking up like he just defied death or something...over and over again with the face in the water, bouncing up and down on his knees, standing up grabbing things, and his favorite thing... SPLASHING and SPLASHING some more. Most nights I am soaked by the time bath time is over.

Below is Kohen and mommy after he banged on the side of the shower insisting he get in with me. I gave in and we had a party in the shower!...I guess it is okay that he enjoys it...then he is always smelling like a good smellin' man! Just as it should be!I like my men smellin good!mmm....mmm....mmmm!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our BIG man!

Our little man Kohen is getting so BIG! A few posts ago we showed everyone that his top teeth were poking through...and now they are here. He has two on the top and two and the bottom. His little chompers are coming so fast and now we've gotta watch out when we are feeding him. He had already bit both me and Jeff. He likes his food!...huh...ya think?...look at those cheeks!He is getting too big! I can't believe he is going to be 1 years old in only a little over a month!!! Ahhh! It's gone by so fast...I can't believe it!
Here he is helping Adi color...well...eating the markers but that is helping as far as he is concerned. He has also turned into Adi's little shadow. He actually keeps up with her really well. He is the fastest little crawler. Adi gets on the floor sometimes and crawls around with him and he thinks it is so funny. He has been pulling himself up for awhile now and he is getting braver when it comes to whole walking thing. He took 5 steps last Thursday but is stubborn at showing it off. Jeff and I try to get him to walk to us but he just wants to get to us the fastest way he knows and that is crawling. He takes one or two steps and then falls down to his knees for the rest of the way. Little stinker!...I am constantly trying to get him to walk but he is so stubborn...I think he gets that from both of his parents. Either way though...he is almost 11 months and will most likely be walking before his 1st birthday...We are so proud of our BIG man!
His hair is crazy curly too! As it has been getting longer the curls have just been getting tighter and more and more crazy...but WE LOVE IT! I think it is so cute and I am wondering...if I cut it than I will cut the curl off and that will be that. I told Jeff that I would like to keep it as long as I could. As long as people don't mistake him for a girl...then I might have to give it up. Jeff calls him 'wings' sometimes because the curls flip out right above his ears. It is is kinda like a baby mullet,by definition... The top of his hair is still straight and all 'business' and his curls are his 'party' in the back. Case in point...BABY MULLET!

Ahh! So BIG...too big...stop growing Kohen!...I am not done with you being my baby yet!!! I guess if he gets too big I will just have to have another one...calm down Jeff! I am just kidding...kinda. ha ha!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Edward Cullen has a myspace page!

So I was on my myspace page and I stumbled across this page...I thought it was kinds cool. Those of you that like twilght like me...check it out! The song on his profile is perfect for Edward and Bella's story. If you thought that Robert Patterson wasn't cute enough for the movie...look again...there are a ton of pictues of him. Oh man!...I think he is perfect...Let me know what you think!

I know I am crazy about twilight...I am thinking it will ware off soon...but probably not!...ha ha!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mom got bitten by 'Breaking Dawn'!... I really did slack off this weekend. I waited in line at Walmart on Friday night so I could be one of the first to get Stephanie Meyer's fourth and final book of the 'Twilight' saga, 'Breaking Dawn'. I got home Friday night and started reading it right away. I love these books so much but when the plot starts getting intense I can't help myself. I can't stand not knowing what is going to happen. Then when I do stop reading I sit there and think about it. This last book is just great, scary, weird and crazy but so so good! I thought that I just need to get it read and over with so that I don't have to worry about it anymore. Well...lets just took over my weekend! I didn't even go hang out with my friend Desi because I was just enthralled. Sorry by the way! Anyway...I was a little obsessed, to say the least. Jeff was awesome though and my kids were as cooperative as I could expect. I had to stop every now and then so that Jeff didn't go crazy with entertaining the kids on his own but I was on a roll. Well...last night (Sunday/Monday) at about 12:45 a.m. I finished the book. I am sad now that it is done but at least life can go on. I am so happy with how this book series turned out. I think maybe the best I have ever read. I am excited for the movie now. Really excited actually!

I even have red eyes like a vampire. I know I am retarded. I was taking the red eye out and decided that I should leave it in to add to my insanity. I know I am a goober. I would like to think I am just passionate...!

Well...because I was so 'bitten' by my book...lets just say our normal family weekend was a!

My family wouldn't get out of my face... that didn't make reading very easy but...I tried to share my attention as best as I could...I think Jeff was the biggest whiner!...

I got a bit annoyed sometimes but I expected that I would get over it...Jeff really was awesome at letting me have this weekend to devote to reading. Thanks Jeff! I love you...I will make it up to you...I promise...wink! wink!
Jeff got crazy with his facial hair all saw his beard that he was growing...I liked it until he started adding a mustache...I don't enjoy kissing a porky-pine! When he did shave off the beard he went a little crazy with his side burns. I am glad to say that he is back to normal now... but I think he might try the beard thing again in the winter...he must be thinking that it makes more sense when it is cold...what?...a winter coat for his face? Hmm...

Kohen got so desperate for food. Ha ha! He never is quite sure what he wants...he just wants to sit there and play in the fridge. It is pretty funny though to look at. He just loves to eat so much. I think I was busy reading so when I came to get a snack he decided to show me that he was hungry too. Smart boy!
Adi got inventive with her pretending! She wanted a cape so she could be SUPER ADI! She is getting so smart and has such an imagination. She turned into quite the chatter box this weekend. Having an opinion on everything. If she didn't have much to say she would just repeat what Me or Jeff had just said and then add her two sense. Crazy kid! She would come find me, if I was reading in my room, and poke her head in every now and then and just ask," You okay momma?" I would say yes and she would run away. Seriously...crazy kid! I don't know who she got that from!...Hee hee!

I don't think Jeff would agree but I had a great weekend...thanks again babe for letting me go crazy into my book. I am so happy and sad that I was able to finish it. Once again if there is anyone who wants to read something great and have an escape you should pick up these books. They really are amazing! Woo hoo! I am crazy and am not afraid to share with whoever wants to be crazy with me! Just one favor...if you do read it and want to talk to someone about me! I love talking about it anytime anywhere!...

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Will the next kid be playing with my Blu-Ray collection?

Shes lost in a Haze

There will be no further posting from my wife until Breaking Dawn is finished.

Hair and Teeth

As you Can see Kohen is getting his front teeth in.

I was also growing out a beard just to see how it looked. I was at about 2 weeks in the pic I went about 4 more days and shaved it down to the normal under the chin thing that I always have. I think this winter I will grow another one for a month or two.