Monday, July 21, 2008


As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you (if you already haven't). It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. Ahh!...memories...

Friday, July 18, 2008

I am crazy about 'twilight'!...

I know, I know...I can't stop talking about this book. I have been hearing about these books for like the past year and half but I new that if I started reading the first one I would not stop. Well, I was right. I started reading Twilight on Sunday night and finished on Wednesday night. I couldn't stop reading. It is so addicting. Jeff was making fun of me because I was giggling like a little girl while I was reading it. I have to say I am IN LOVE with Edward Cullen. Oh my freaking heck! I have never read a book that has made me feel this way. Did I say that I love this book. I started last night on the second book, 'New Moon' and I am sure and just going to keep going. I was crying by the third chapter. Once again I know, I am crazy! I have also heard all about the movie they are making of 'Twilight' and I am very excited. It comes out this December. I am sure it will be great but I am worried that it won't capture the feelings the book so eloquently built up in me. I know I probably sound ridiculous but whatever, I don't really care. Reading this book I can almost hear Bella breathing and feel her heart beat when she is going through all she does. Man...I get all crazy just thinking about Edward and Bella. If there are other people who have read this awesome book and want to chat with me about it I am all ears. If there is anybody who hasn't read this book and doesn't think reading is for you, try this book. I have called my mom and demanded that my sisters read it as well. I am very passionate about sharing this experience with all that want to be swept away and feel the feeling of falling in love by reading a book. Yeah...I'm crazy!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

King family fun!

I was just wanting to share some fun we are having this summer so far. Our family has so much fun...mostly because of our oh so funny, creative, and lovable children. Case in point... This pink dress was about a week ago. She loved this outfit I think. She really liked the tights...the reason I think that is because of what happened just a few days later... picture below of her in the orange dress. Adi picked it out all by herself. She disappeared the other day and came out a few minutes later in this. I think she was trying to be a big girl and man was she proud of herself. I love that her tights are sagging so low.Speaking of tights... just today she came out once again having dressed herself and under her black pants were black tights...yes again! Tights are her must have with every outfit. She told me when I was trying to figure out what was going on under her pants after going potty. "I can't pull up my tights under my pants!" She must have noticed my face of confusion because she said," They match mom!" So it was okay that she was wearing tights under her pants because they matched.I laughed by butt off...But I made sure she knew she did a really good job dressing herself. Ha ha!

She even put on an under shirt under her dress. Why, I have no idea...I think she was just so proud that she was putting on what she wanted. I guess that translated into this beautiful outfit...oh, her dress is on backwards too! silly!

We got a fun little pool and when I say little it really is a little swimming pool. Adi thinks that it is just great because it so little tiny and it has a little sun and a little rainbow. She likes anything that is little!

We have been playing a ton of Rock Band on the xbox. It is funny how Kohen and Adi get so excited when we play it. Adi has even started to sing along. She plays the drums pretty good too. I think Kohen would like to play the drums. Anytime they're out we have to let him have a turn. He stands up holding on with one hand and hitting the drums with the other. Rock star in the making! We really love playing and it is something fun to do instead of just watching T.V...I have to say I am obsessed with getting better and better at the drums and the guitar. I Love to Rock Out!...If there is anyone out there who has the opportunity to play Rock it. Even if your not the greatest at first just keep trying...I love it!....Rock and roll!

Adi has also been learning how to write her name...I can't get her to do more than the "A" though. She just writes an "A" over and over again...she even practices on the my kitchen...with a sharpie! Thank goodness for the Mr. Clean magic eraser. Oh...I was so proud...and just a little bit mad.

Summer has been great so far...I sure wish I was being able to work on my tan a little bit more but that isn't working out as I'd hoped. Maybe we can do some stuff outside in the coming weeks...Anybody who wants to go swimming or boating or anything like that and wants some cool friends to come along just let me know...We are there! (that's right Quinn...I mean you...I'm watching you!) Just make sure before you invite us that you really want us there! (oh...!Low blow! Ha ha!)

Kohen the Entertainer!

Kohen is so funny!...he has been mobile for quite a while now but just lately he has become so funny. Crawling around climbing on things and all over us too of course. He starting to make some noise might be talking of some kind but I am not pushing it. He has been saying "Dada!" Whether that means Jeff or not...mmmm...probably not but we like to think so. I just keep telling Jeff..."Look he wants you...listen he is calling for you!"...most of the time Jeff obeys Kohen's call but not always...he just looks at me and gives me that "nice try" look. Kohen's getting so big that I am freakin out a little bit...I feel like I just had him. Adi must think he is big and grown too because she told me yesterday that she wants another baby...not play baby...a baby in my tummy. Ahhh! I am not quite there yet...I still need more time with my baby boy! These videos just give you peak into how fun he funny! I think he likes getting us laughing ...because every time he gets us to laugh he does whatever it is that got us laughing again and then waits for our reaction. He is already a little comedian always entertaining us. My kids are always crakin me up!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Who took my blog ?

Well it’s been awhile since my last post, my wife has taken over as blog master. I am fine with that as she is doing a great job (and my blog has never had so many visitors). So whets new with me? I have been working at my new job and things have been great. I am getting more and better accounts everyday. I really enjoy my co-workers and my boss is awesome. Now the drive is just about the biggest pain in my life right now. After driving so much in New Jersey you would think that I wouldn't mind but the NJ turnpike is heaven compared to I-15 around 5:30 in the evening.

I was able to enjoy a awesome perk from work last month. Quinn and I were able to go to Florida and work the National Apartment trade show. We were in Orlando for 4 days and had a great time. I ate the biggest and best steak in my life, Also I tried alligator which is like chewy chicken. I still don't understand why people life in Florida, talk about a humid mess of a state. I thought that Virginia in August was bad. Not even close to Florida.

It was also a lot like old times as Quinn and I were out on the town again. Things were different as we called our wife's and kids all the time but it was like old times again.

4th of July Weekend

Our 4th of July was pretty chill. We were planning on sleeping in but the fact that we are the second house in from the main road in West Point made that impossible. The West Point parade started at 8:30 a.m. and we heard the front of the parade was the fire trucks and police cars. Whoo! Whoo! Fun, right! We woke up...didn't really have choice...and went out and watched the parade. Adi liked that they were throwing candy and I am pretty sure Kohen enjoyed it too. We went over to our friend Brooke and Ty Gibson's house where we had dinner and the kids as our entertainment. They had little kiddie pools, slip and slide, and a trampoline. Adi had a blast hanging out with one of her new friends...Hailee Gibson. We couldn't pull her away even to eat... she was just having too much fun. For fireworks that night we went to Grandma and Grandpa Kings house. We did our own little pack of fireworks that you can see Kohen loved. He just sat in the cart holding onto them and hitting them with his hands with a big smile. A pyro in the making I think. After our little tub of fireworks was all gone and we were burnt out on sparklers we watched the Layton City fireworks show. I think that Kohen had a great first 4th. It was nice to just go with the flow and hangout. Happy 4th to all of you who enjoyed the holiday weekend. I know we all did!....bang...blast...boom...pop....crash...those are my fireworks sounds! Ha ha!