Monday, March 31, 2008

A few vacation pictures.

Here are a few pictures from our vacation more to come.

Vacation and Wedding bliss

Well the Family and I are back from our much needed vacation. We spent the last week in Utah. We were able to visit family and friends that we havent seen in a long time. We were also there for a family wedding. Congrats to Hay and Jar they were married in the temple on the 29th. It was a little cold but otherwise a great day for a wedding and the bride and groom looked great.

We loved spending time with our family, grandma Beth and Cowboy papa were a Hit. Adi loved reading books and playing in her tent. She also loved the gifts from her Aunts Jenn and Lisa.

The whole trip started with a surprise birthday party for me as I turned 30 on the 23rd. Thanks to everyone that came and ate with us. I am going to put a few pictures on here over the next few days. SO make sure you come back.

Oh one other thing THE KINGS ARE MOVING BACK TO UTAH! We will be back at the first part of May. We are excited for the change and look forward to living life where we love to be.

Monday, March 17, 2008

My stone passed. I am feeling much better. I am in a funk that will be lifted as I will be heading to the homeland at the end of the week.

I want everyone to check out Hulu its a free video site that has movies and tv shows that you can stream for free. NBC and FOX are the two major studios to support it. There are few adds but its not bad at all. I promise you will enjoy it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well I am alive for now. The stone has not been passed but the pain is gone. I really hope that I don't have another attack again. So this weekend is going to be a busy one. I have a trade show that I will be at all weekend.

I am looking forward to a good TV night tonight...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rusty Screwdriver

So I had a fun night/morning. It all started off so peacful with Kohen getting sick and having his first throw up fit. As I feel back asleep I was glad that he was filling better.

So a few bad dreams later I woke up and thought I am in a bit of pain in this position so I better move. I turned over and i didnt feel better, in fact I felt as if I was being stabbed with a rusty screwdriver from the insidea out. Now most in my family already know what I was feeling. I got out of bed and got on the floor and started to shake. I was hot and cold at the same time, I woke up juline and told her something was very wrong. I went to the bath room and threw up a few times, I felt better as I was puking when I stopped the pain came back.

I went down stairs and walked around as I could not sit or lie down. The whole time I am wishing that I had someone to ask me "if you pain was a number from one to ten, Ten being the worst pain in the world" I would scream TEN.

After a few more pukes I knew the pain wasnt going to pass. So I got dressed and drove myself to the hospital. I ran every red light, I got the a waiting room and WAITED. It wasnt pretty as I just walked around sweating and groaning in pain. They took me back and in about 5 min and one shot later I was in LA LA land. Here is the funny thing I couldnt feel anything on my body, you could have shot me and I wouldnt have felt nothing, but I could still fill the pain in my guts.

Okay so there is no real mystery I knew that I was having a kidney stone attack. I got a CT scan and I have a 3 mlimeter stone that is passing into my baldder, So the good news is that this might pass today and its a pretty small stone. The bad news is that I am still throwing up and can't keep down my pain meds.

I am home now and i have the hiccups what a great day this is going to be.

Oh and sorry for the spelling and bad grammer I am still on the good stuff.